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Indian Mainstream Media's Precipitate Fall in Standards is Synchronous with the Insidious Corruption of Social Media

During my early years, when I was working in India, I was associated with computerizing & automating a number of functions for a major national media group and also for a major regional group of publications. Both these were during the years when the Internet hadn't yet become publicly available in India.
The insights this gave me into the workings of these groups and the people working there, were both startling and often quite disappointing to me as a professional belonging to a different domain. Fortunately, since I was working for a MNC during those days, I was able to successfully resist the several attempts at blackmailing and arm-twisting by the owners or their representatives in the senior management echelons of these companies. We had some fairly unambiguous standards about business ethics and propriety and so, I had no hesitation in telling them what we would and would not accede to, even if it meant them taking their business elsewhere. 
Over the years, I have had jou…

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