About Polarization, News Dissemination and Social Media Perspectives

Let me start off with a backgrounder before I get down to some generalized observations.

The Facebook post where I made the generalized comments concerned the particular episode, referred to and linked, below. I too had come across reports of this incident. Typically, particularly for Indian news, I would usually check and skim 2-3 sites from a shortlist of what I consider reasonably credible sites, both Indian & international. While I have been reading most of the news over the internet for almost 2 decades now, news aggregator apps which have got progressively better over the years, meet my needs beautifully once I customize & tweak them to show what typically I would like to see / read.

Getting back to this item, after I skimmed a couple of sources carrying the story, I didn't know much better since there were some contradictions and inherent conflicts in the versions I perused. I saw no need to share it because a) I'm not a newscaster or some journo tasked to propag…

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