The Little Things Needed to be Taken Care Of, to Get Your Digital Publication Up and Running

'Accelerated mobile pages' or AMP as it is referred to popularly, isn't exactly a new tech. innovation. That being the case,  I am surprised to find that several popular Indian websites, including news sites, haven't yet taken to it. Why, for that matter, I still come across popular sites which don't have mobile versions of their pages and which are not secure (https://).

What exactly is AMP? To put it very simply, it is a stripped down version of html with its own simplified stylesheet. It makes for faster loading of the page on a mobile device (mobile or tablet) and consumes less data while doing so.
India is one country where internet access on mobile devices happens mainly through cellular wireless & Wi-fi technology. Last I checked, about 88% of internet access was happening in India through mobile devices. This is much higher than the percentage globally as well as in many other countries for a variety of historical & current reasons that I'll not g…

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