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The Trainwreck That India's Much Hyped GST Implementation is Likely To Be

The endless hype, speculations and controversies, often politically tinged, surrounding India's imminent implementation of  GST ( Goods and Services Tax), have more often than not been theoretical, speculative and slanted one way or another. One of the main reasons of course is the fact that while it has been on the anvil for well over a decade, it hasn't happened earlier than now mainly because India's current ruling party, which used to be the major opposition party till April 2014, had strenuously opposed its implementation by the Congress-led UPA, which was in power for a decade from 2004  to 2014. Consequently, while a great many countries have implemented GST for quite some years now, it is going to be a totally novel experience for Indians.
As someone who has observed the whole process of GST implementation over several years in a South-East Asian nation reputed for its detailed and well-calibrated implementation of technology as well as systems and processes and als…

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