The Tale of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2014, As It Unfolded in Social Media Networks

To start with, let's begin with the news itself together with some backgrounder as narrated by The New York Times

Next, you can check out some backgrounder on the rather murky world of NGO funding in India, followed by an article in Forbes India, together with my observations.

Why is Child labour such an important issue in India and a hydra-headed problem which is a long way from going way? Check this post for more details on the issue.

Some observations on Twitter, including some of my own.

Finally, why have both Indian mainstream media and Indian politicians largely ignored Kailash Satyarthi so far. Check out the post below for some indicators (this post carries links also to several of the posts which are already embedded above).

Is there a hidden agenda or one or more messages to the two nations that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee wanted to convey through this joint award? Most likely there is. Check out the post below for details.

Does that give you all the nuances of the story and the different perspectives on the issues involved? Would appreciate knowing your feedback.