The Spreading Quicksand of Indian Mediocrity

Stray tweet which has no factual basis whatsoever

When you can't get them fair & square, you can always get them theoretically. Or through yarns which are spun everyday by India's pathetic & discredited mainstream media aided now by armies of self-styled pundits & paid trolls, swarming all over social media networks.

Typical of the low standards & mediocrity pervading many Indian 'experts' & media personalities, 'inconveniences' like fact-checking are done away with & elemental data is cherry-picked to present conclusions which can often be diametrically opposite. And when even 'little data' is not available, why, there's always armchair crystal-ball gazing to fall back on.

This piece is not about the AAP's prospects nationally which is what the attached post is about.  The linked article below is merely an example of what one is talking about here. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is yet to launch nationally & scale up before the General Elections which are yet to be announced. There's very little data available, far less any credible surveys, to indicate how they would fare in an event which they haven't entered even yet. The probability of the AAP  succeeding greatly or failing abjectly are roughly equal at this stage. Yet the paid media vultures & the armies of SM trolls have started circling a carcass which is a long way from being actually present.

Aam Aadmi party unlikely to pose a challenge nationally

Venality breeds pervasive venality & sustained mediocrity breeds armies of dumbasses. Put the two together and you begin to get a good enough idea of what the first screen & second screen in India is largely about.

Stray comment seen on Facebook re: Aam Aadmi Party & Arvind Kejriwal 
Credibility & trust have been seen to be the two fuels which propel MSM & SM forward. Given the burgeoning middle-class & the discernible steady influx for virtually all urban centres in India, those two factors don't quite matter, since merely clambering on to these bandwagons are signs of someone having 'arrived'.

People not only get the government they deserve, they also settle for the lack of quality & standards and the Mainstream Media & Social Media that they deserve. Admittedly, it's a tough task to escape the morass of mediocrity because, in the end, the swamp mostly gets you.


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