Steve Jobs: Obituaries, Write-ups, Video Clips - A Compilation

Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone

There's been a flood of obituaries, tributes, write-ups & sharing of other material like video clips etc., ever since the news first broke of Steve Jobs' demise. Here's a compilation of some of the most interesting & relevant ones that I have come across & read since then. I must say that I was first pointed to most of them by people sharing them on social media.

Let me start with the write-up by Harry McCracken in The Time which I consider the most comprehensive, readable and well-balanced write-up that I have come across so far.

Steve Jobs - Time, Harry McCracken

Here's John Markoff's detailed obituary in the New York Times

New York Times : Steve Jobs Dies At 56

Steven Levy in Wired Magazine

Wired - Steven Levy on Steve Jobs

Dan Gillmor writing in The Guardian had this to say:

Steve Jobs : A Man of Contradiction & Genius; Dan Gillmor, The Guardian

A nice photo compilation in TNW about Steve Jobs testing the photobooth in 2005

Steve Jobs Testing Photobooth - 2005

An archival piece - a presentation put together by Steve Jobs' co-workers on his 30th birthday.

A refreshing op-ed piece in the New York Times

NYT : Op-ed : Steve Jobs : The Enemy of Nostalgia

The Onion pays tribute in its inimitable style

The Onion : Steve Jobs

Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google pays his tribute to Steve Jobs in this clip.

Eric Schmidt on Steve Jobs

You can view Steve Jobs' famous commencement speech at Stanford here

Here's another interesting video of Steve Jobs explaining the concept of Apple Stores:

A compilation I put together of some aspects about Steve Jobs which aren't too well known and are rather unpleasant:

The less-known, less likeable aspects of Steve Jobs

Here are a couple more pieces from Gawker & Xconomy about the less pleasant, darker side of Steve Jobs.

Gawker: What Everyone Is Too Polite To Say About Steve Jobs

Xconomy: Saint Steve? Not Exactly. Apple & The Power of The Dark Side

And finally, a very interesting piece in the NYT about who Steve Jobs' role model was:

NYT : The Man Who Inspired Jobs

The reaction of the American-in-the-street typically is exemplified by the local wag who said, "Thirty years back we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash & Bob Hope. Today we have no jobs, no cash & no hope." 

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