What 'Frictionless Sharing', 'Reading' & 'Opengraph' on the revamped Facebook really signify

When you 'Read' something on Facebook soon you are reading (or listening ) for the online world at large, whether you intended it that way or not! If that doesn't quite bother you, you are quite in sync with Facebook's new messianic vision of how 'Social media' would evolve from here onwards.
If however all this is beginning to worry you, you may want to take a look at this next link!
"Read" in Facebook - It's Not a Button, So Be Careful What You Click!
While the focus of today's Facebook announcements was the new Timeline profile, the Read, Watch, Listen media sharing apps have generated a lot of interest too. These so-called "social apps&q...
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Rajive Chandra - Alarming to say the least! Your reading propensities about to be made public- tantamount to washing dirty linen. This time it is real, particularly if your mouse embarrassingly strays to 'forbidden territory' and soon the whole world gets to know.
Raja Mitra - As part of this thread it may be worthwhile to consolidate & reshare some more material on this topic which I had disseminated earlier.

+Enrique Gutierrez in this well-researched piece, explains quite well what the implications & ramifications of uninhibited & often unsuspecting sharing & the soon-to-be-unveiled 'Opengraph' will be. Here's the link to his blog piece:

Some of these issues are covered in this article here as well. The writer is a veteran Washington Post columnist. Here's the link:
Understandably, he has been careful & somewhat reticent about what he states, because, as mentioned in his disclaimer, he uses Facebook to market himself. So does the publication where his article appears.

Do I think all this is accurate? Absolutely. I also think this is intrusive, violative of people's privacies and quite unethical, specially in view of the fact that the vast majority of users are blissfully unaware of what goes on under the hood and what the revenue model for Facebook happens to be.

While it is up to each individual to arrive at some conclusions re: continued usage of such a platform, I guess disseminating & sharing info of this kind at least ensures that folks have arrived at their own conclusions based on facts & data.

And while on the subject, it might be relevant to share some pretty recent news about what unsuspecting or callous use of social media could lead to. I recall discussing the first of these yesterday. The other I became aware of today when +SN Roy shared the news item on social media. Here are the links:



In the article on the IIM Bangalore suicide, some psychologist is quoted as saying, 'What you share on your profile is entirely under your control'. I hope she and many others like her get to read posts like this to discover why their assumption isn't quite going to be accurate or right any longer.

EDIT: Lest I be accused of putting together a rather jaundiced, one-sided view of the whole thing, I felt sharing this piece by Dan Lyons, a Newsweek columnist, could be an effective counterbalancing factor. Here it is:
Raja Mitra - While on the topic, you may want to browse Nik Cubrilovic's findings about how 'Frictionless Sharing' on Facebook really means Facebook tracking every site you visit, irrespective of whether you share it on Facebook or not. Also, as suggested, merely logging out of Facebook doesn't take care of this issue. Read about it here:

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